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Skill Set

Over years of practice as design educator, I have had the opportunity to engage with multiple tools to explore and express myself. Below you may find some example of design tools, hobbies and interests that support my holistic approach to creativity. My skill set comprises analogue tools (pencil and paper, clay modeling and material exploration) and digital tools (vectorial, rasterizing, digital modeling and rendering) to explore multiple approaches to design practice.

Dissertation Work

The following video is on of the experimental setups used for my doctoral dissertation. The building was modeled using SketchUp and the setup was arranged and coded using Unity. This video portrays a screen capture of a participant interacting through an HTC Vive VR headset.

Pencil and Paper

I believe hand exploration through analogue tools is a critical aspect to explore creativity and start the design process.

Digital Modeling and Rendering

The below video was modeled from scratch using SketchUp as the modeling platform and Enscape as the rendering tool

Some renders of this project

The below video was modeled using 3DStudio Max for the interior furniture and the exterior cottage. Digital models were transferred to Lumion where rendering materials, lighting and effects were added.

Hobbies and Interests

As a designer I believe objects are material expressions of a given culture. I have special interest in old vehicles. Below you will find images of two vehicles (VW Thing 1974 and an Inoccenti Lambretta 1961) which I restored from scratch. I was also working on a VW Bus 1955 which still is on process and has not been finished yet. Also, another hobby of mine is to assemble plastic models.

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A small view into some of my academic work

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