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University of Florida | Oklahoma State University | Icesi University

As an educator I have taught in three Universities over the past 15 years. The courses I have taught have been design studio, prototyping, and material exploration, for Industrial Designers in Colombia. Since the beginning of my doctorate, I have been teaching at Oklahoma State University, design principles for first-year students. textiles for Apparel Design, and lately design studio I for Interior Design. 

Courses Taught

University of Florida (2021-present)

Department of Interior Design

IND 2214 D3. Studio. Introduction to Architectural Interiors
IND 1020 Design Innovation
IND 2313 Interior Design Communications Systems
IND 4450 Advanced Interior Detailing
IND 4930 Interactive Media Communications

IND 3905 Individual Studies
IND 6971 Master's Research

Oklahoma State University (2017-2021)

Department of Design, Housing and Merchandising

DHM 1003 Design Theory + Processes.
DHM 2103 Interior Design Studio I. (Teaching Assistant)
DHM 2573 Textiles. (Teaching Assistant) 

Icesi University (2003-2017)

Department of Design

12134 Projects I. Design Studio IV.
12141 Projects III. Design Studio VI.
12011 Design theory and practice. Design studio VI.
12036 Tridimensional Expresion. Material exploration III 
12132 Prototyping
12028 Packaging Design

Packaging Design
Packaging Logistics
Idea Prototyping

Student Work

A gallery of undergraduate design student's works teached by me and developed in design studio sessions along their bachelor program.

Students' exhibits

It is important for students to display their work and have the opportunity of external critique.

Blended Projects

Some examples of projects developed through the lenses of product design and interior design.


Student Dorm

Students working in teams were in charge of redesigning the interior of a student dorm for international students. They had to satisfy the cultural and functional needs of the users. The project was developed in Sketchup and was walkable through Virtual Reality. Learn more...


Celestial Dwelling

As a fast project (developed in 72 hours), students needed to design a wearable dwelling for a hypothetical scenario. This group in particular selected the International Space Station and developed a dwelling that involves technology to make astronauts feel at home. Learn more...


Food|Show Truck

Using a local company as reference and taking advantage of the local emergent tendency of food trucks, this project combined the company's products and cultural values to develop a food-car that functions as a show car for the company's products. Learn more...


Experience Design

Based in the production capabilities of a local company, this team of students developed a musical experience. In doing so, they developed instruments based in the company's products and created an interactive experience for the users to remember. Learn more...


Design Principles

Students explore with the design principles of line, shape, unity, balance, emphasis, color, etc. in order to understand the characteristics of each principle. The start in a bidimensional format and move into the tri-dimensional aspects of design.


Chair Prototype

This project was to teach students basic prototyping skills to be able to develop real functional projects. In this particular case, students used resins and fiberglass to generate a rocking chair.


Mini fridge

Working with real projects from the industri is critical. This project was developed with the biggest white-line product industry in Colombia and students had to develop a fridge to satisfy dorm conditions.


Toy Car

Materials have to be explored to be familiarized with their posibilities. This project consisted of developing a Ready to Assemble (RTA) toy car which could be flat packed and shipped anywhere to be assembled by the user. It had to be functional and resist real use.

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